Martin Ritschel and team

A small team of highly qualified professionals.

Ritschel Translations consists of Martin Ritschel and a carefully selected team of experts with degrees in translation or science. Rather than trying to cover all possible areas, we have chosen to excel in the field of technical translation.

Martin Ritschel

After graduating as a translator for German, English and Italian, Martin Ritschel held a position as Senior Translator in an international corporation. In 1999, he set up his own business, Ritschel Translations. With his passion for automotive engineering and mechanical objects of all kinds, specializing in technical translation was an obvious direction to choose.
Martin's fascination with all things mechanical and electrical is far more than a theoretical interest. He is never happier than when out replacing crankshaft bearings, driving a four-wheeler or shooting a skeet or trap gun. This hands-on experience means that he really knows what he's talking about when translating engineering texts, and he speaks the same language as engineers and end users.

Team of native-speaker translators

For quality assurance, and also in order to cover languages other than English and German, Martin works with a team of carefully selected fellow translators who share his passion for technology. The resulting translations are not only correct in terms of their contents, but also read as if they were written in the language itself rather than translated.

Ritschel Translations – working hand-in-hand with specially selected experts.