Industries + types of texts

Technology is our passion – from A-arm bushing to zero-emission vehicles.

Much of our work at Ritschel Translations is in the automotive industry and related areas in mechanical engineering. However, we can deal with texts from all industries as long as they are related to engineering and technology, i.e. objects and systems that are "live" and can be experienced hands-on.

Technical documentation

Manuals and product descriptions are often the only link between a product and its end users. Documents that are difficult to understand or incorrectly translated not only damage a firm's reputation but can have expensive legal consequences. Our translations offer you the peace of mind you need.

International corporate communication

Your customers judge you by your communication in their own language. At Ritschel Translations, we ensure that they see you exactly as you mean to present yourself. As well as translating brochures and presentations, we are also happy to translate your e-mails and other correspondence at short notice.


  • Automotive engineering
    • Drivetrain, suspension, brake systems
    • Electrics and electronic systems
    • Vehicle bodies and coachwork
    • Farming and forestry equipment
    • Commercial vehicles and superstructures
    • Special-purpose vehicles
  • Mechanical engineering
    • Sorting and conveying equipment
    • Hunting arms and sports arms
  • Building construction
    • Construction machinery
    • Infrastructure
  • Electromobility
  • Energy technology
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Satellite reception systems


  • Technical documentation
    • Operating and assembly instructions
    • Product and system descriptions
    • Specifications, standards and supplier specifications
    • Workshop manuals, diagnosis and testing manuals, OBD strings
    • Wiring diagrams and parts lists / BOMs
  • Corporate communication
    • Brochures
    • Presentations
    • Websites
    • Promotional films, trade-show videos
    • Scientific papers
    • Speeches
    • Newsletters
    • Press releases
    • E-mails and telephone communication
Ritschel Translations – ensuring your communication is as good as your product.