Corporate terminology

We understand the concepts behind the words – in English, German, and many other languages.

Disc brake or brake disc? Every field of engineering has its own specific phrases and technical terms. The more complex the product, the more important it is to describe it precisely – in any language. For this, up-to-date technical glossaries are indispensable.

Mastering terminology

Developing and maintaining multilingual glossaries requires detailed technical knowledge, familiarity with the terminology used in specific trades and industries, and a highly analytical and systematic approach.
At Ritschel Translations, we created our first English-German glossary of technical terms relating to commercial vehicles more than 25 years ago. Since then, our glossaries have grown in size and coverage. We now have the terminology we need for translation projects always at our fingertips.

Multiple benefits

Consistent terminology is fundamental to how a company presents itself. It ensures that messages are clear, avoids ambiguity and leads to efficient communication:
  • The same terms are always used to mean the same thing
  • Everyone in the company shares a common vocabulary
  • Creating and maintaining technical documentation in more than one language is efficient and economical
Ritschel Translations – understanding the nuts and bolts, whatever the language.